Aerial film is converted from analogue to digital format using our Wehrli RM-6 photogrammetric film scanner. This scanner will produce high quality digital imagery that is then used for mapping. The RM-6 scanner is capable of scanning individual frames or roll film in black white, colour or colour infrared at resolutions ranging from 8 microns to 128 microns. The geometric accuracy of this instrument is +3 microns RMSE without re-sampling image data. The geometric precision of the RM-6 scanner is 1 micron.

The digital imagery is imported into our LPS softcopy photogrammetric workstations and registered to the ground during aerial triangulation. These images are then used to produce accurate and reliable digital files, mosaics and high-resolution orthophotos.

A “dust and scratch” removal module is used to remove unwanted dust/artifacts from colour imagery during the actual scanning rather than manually “cleaning” the image after processing.

Scanning 1 Scanning 2 Scanning 3